My name is Jarod. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and animal care taker serving the Indianapolis area. I am based near the Irvington neighborhood, but I serve the entire metropolitan area. I'm also a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional. My certifications provide independent validation of my professional knowledge and skills. Dog training is an unregulated industry, so choosing a credentialed professional is remarkably important.
I have been surrounded by dogs my entire life. I currently have 4 dogs of my own (pictured below), as well as 2 ferrets! In addition to caring for and training Indy's pets, I'm a classical musician and hobby language learner. I like to spend the majority of my free time continuing to learn as much as I can about ethology. I am also extremely passionate about animal sheltering and rescuing, as well as bridging the gap between veterinary medicine and behavioral welfare.

I’ve been training and working with animals for quite a while now. I started training my personal dogs in 4H at the age of 8. Since then, I have been fortunate to work with animals in various professional capacities (see below). Now days, between being a self-employed trainer and my own pets at home, my life is dedicated to helping and caring for animals, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Through my experiences working with animals, I developed strong connections with many dogs with behavioral issues and my passion for dog training and behavior grew. The methods and techniques I use have also evolved. Ethics are important to me! I strive to continually update my education and knowledge.

I use positive reinforcement, a method of training animals that is not about force or using the leash, but is fun for all, thoroughly modern and innovative, and aimed at creating the best bond between you and your pets possible. I don’t use any aversive tools... All we will need is a clicker (or other marker) and something your dog finds rewarding (whether that’s treats, toys, or attention) to teach your pet behaviors and skills to set them up for success!

To learn more about the training methods I use, check out the links page.

My professional experience working with animals includes:

  • animal shelters

  • dog daycare

  • pet boarding & sitting

  • service dog training internship

  • pet retail

  • veterinary assisting

My continuing education includes:

  • Knowing Dogs 101 (Dog Gurus)

  • Knowing Dogs 201 (Dog Gurus)

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference (2020)

Fear Free Certifications:

  • Level 1 (Veterinary Professional)

  • Level 2 (Veterinary Professional)

  • Level 3 (Veterinary Professional)

  • And many Fear Free CE courses

Fear Free Level 3
My dog Rave
My dog Hope
My dog Bella
My dog Tonka